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Wednesday, September 05 2018
Balayage Tips for Beginners!

Beginner's Tips

Balayage is one of the most requested services in the salon today. However, if you’ve been foiling since you left cosmetology school, painting hair can be intimidating, but it can be so rewarding to you as well as your clients once you get the hang of it! 
First step: Sectioning 
After pre-cutting, you’ll want to section your guest’s hair to start your balayage. Make sure the crown is not over parted; meaning taking the hair where it naturally falls instead of forcing the section to be where you want it. Take a section from the crown to the top of the ear and clip away and mimic on the other side. Make sure the sections are clipped back taunt so that you can stay clean while you paint.
Using Sunlights Balayage lightener, you will want to use a 1:1 ratio of lightener and any crème developer. You want the consistency to be like cream cheese - not too runny, and not too thick. Mix it with love! A good check is once the bowl is mixed, if you can hold it upside down with no spillage, you know you’ve got it right!
Third step: Application 
Tap, Rub, Push! Tapping the product on the regrowth first, you will then want to rub the product down the strand to the midshaft. Make sure the saturation is correct, before you move on to painting the ends and re-saturate if necessary at the regrowth and midshaft to avoid patchiness. Once you are happy with how the product looks on the strand, you then push your product onto the ends of the hair utilizing your balayage paddle, for full saturation and to have the “pop” on the ends.
Balayage is a technique that can be tricky to master, but with our tutorials, and some practice you’ll be painting your way to financial freedom, and saving time behind the chair!
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