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Friday, August 24 2018
Difference between Clay vs. Foil Lightener

In traveling to different salons and shows we often hear students say they do not need a balayage lightener, they just use foil lightener. Although foil lightener will lift the hair, the evenness of the application, as well as the end results, can sometimes be a little patchy.

Why is that? 

Typical foil lighteners have what is called 'silica' in them. Silica is very tiny sand granules and is considered a buffer within the lightener. The amount of silica within the product is what determines the consistency. If you look at the ingredients on most foil lighteners, silica is typically one of the first ingredients listed. Because of that, foil lighteners have a grainy texture and their consistency tends to be thin.

Better for Balayage
Of course, grainy texture and thin consistency aren't ideal for balayage. That's why Sunlights, which is specifically formulated for balayage, is Kaolin clay-based. Kaolin is a fine, soft, white clay that gives our lightener a smooth, creamy consistency rather than the grainy, thin consistency of granular, silica-based lighteners. It moisturizes hair while, and the application is incredibly smooth. Looking at the ingredients of Sunlights, you’ll see that Kaolin is one of the top ingredients listed.

Sunlights mixes thicker to be able to paint directly on the hair much more easily, without needing foils! This results in better looking painted strands, and the better it looks on the strands you paint, the better the outcome of the finished product!

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